We are so grateful to report that Home Tekna will be celebrating its 21st  Birthday on the 1st of September 2018.  Due to the wonderful support received from donors, the Department of Social Development and our local community, Home Tekna has grown from strength to strength into the beautiful home it now is.  A stable and loving home that any child can be proud of.  After the upgrade of our Home we are registered to accommodate 46 children.



Our main aim over the years was to create a safe haven for the children placed with us, as well as a secure and loving environment where all their needs could be addressed.  Our dream is that every child that leaves Home Tekna is a well balanced individual that will contribute to their society and community and not be a burden.



We strive to create a positive environment for our 46 children(from birth to 12 years) and that is why we provide individual support, attention and stimulation programmes to each child to make sure they develop into well balanced individuals.  When a child is placed at Home Tekna, in accordance with the Therapy Report, a complete care plan is put together that involves different goals and activities:

Relationship Building:

  • *  Attachment activities are done with children who have difficulty in bonding with others.


Academical / Development Activities:

Children are placed in Crèche or School and their progress are monitored closely.  Assistance is given to school going children with homework and projects.  Each child also receives individual stimulation for further development.  The following programmes were done with the children:

  • *  Memory development regarding schoolwork
  • *  Listening skills


Emotional Development:

Group and individual therapy are given to stimulate emotional growth, self image, self discipline, building of character, life skills, relationships, communication skills and social skills.  The following programmes were done:

  • *  Protective Behaviour Programme
  • *  Self Image
  • *  Physical Development
  • *  Self Control
  • *  Respect, self-respect, listening, honesty, responsibility etc.


Spiritual Development:

We have daily Bible reading, singing and conversations regarding spiritual topics.  Children also visit Church on a regular basis.


Medical Care:

Children are sent for age appropriate vaccinations.  Eye-, ear-, and dentist examinations are done yearly.  Children with chronic illnesses receive their medication as prescribed and this is monitored very closely.


Trauma Counselling:

Individual trauma therapy is given to each child according to their age.  In the case of sexual abuse the child is also sent for specialised treatment and counselling.  The following program is done yearly:

  • *  Debriefing after trauma and death
  • *  Children’s Rights according to the Children’s Act
  • *  My Body is my Body



We are extremely fortunate to have our staff whom is loyal and particularly dedicated to our children.  The majority have been in our employ for many years, with some of the staff having been here since the home was established.  Our social worker / therapist regularly go to workshops to get updates on the latest information on child abuse and handling of traumatized children.  She then does regular in-house training with the staff and teaches them how to manage traumatized children in a positive manner.  The following training was done with staff:

  • *  Children’s reaction on loss and grief
  • *  A 10 week cours for “Parenting Heart to Heart”
  • *  Discipline of crèche aged children
  • *  Behaviour Management according to Children’s Act
  • *  Reporting Responsibilities
  • *  Hand, Eye Coordination for babies and toddlers
  • *  Bilateral Coordination
  • *  Speech Development Activities
  • *  Massage Techniques for Babies and Toddlers
  • *  Debriefing after Trauma and Death
  • *  10 week training in Heart to Heart Parenting


Our biggest challenge at the moment is to get all our Caregivers trained ass Child and Youth Care Workers.

The Department of Social development requires that all caregivers must do the 14 months course, but does not have any suitable plan to help us achieve this goal. The only organisation that does the CYCC training is the NACCW.  They however do not have distant learning courses.  This means that we will have to be without at least 10 workers once a month, which just is practically impossible.

At the moment we are busy with discussions with the NACCW to get some kind of solution.


If we can get a solution we are prepared to be a pilot project to see if we can help all the organisations in SA, as all of us have the same challenge.


In March 2018 six of our Care Givers started with the above training throught the Department, but we still have some of the above challenges. We can only train 6 caregivers every 14-18 months. The training is in Mpokopane wich is 130km from us. They have to attend the training there for one week every month and then does the practical at Tekna



We have upgraded the playgrounds to improve physical development and stimulation that is vital to all children. The new playground equipment was puchased for the amount of R12 000-00.



Marketing is an ongoing process.  Our special needs are included in the proposal.  Our staff salaries are one of our biggest needs.  As we all know, without staff we cannot run this project and regretfully very few donors are willing to fund staff salaries.  As we are the only organization in the area that take babies from birth up to 3 years we are inundated with babies. 



The fact that we operate in such a close-knit environment and in conjunction with similar institutions, community members contributes to our achievements and success.  Because we are so blessed we are able to assist new and upcoming organizations.  We also share our food donations with Home Talje, Bosele Drop in Centre, an Old Age Home and the Crèche, if we receive more than we can use.

We are grateful to our management committee and personnel for their dedication and encouragement.  We are extremely indebted to our generous donors for their continued support.  We praise our Heavenly Farther for his blessings. Yahweh helped until now and we shall not move a step without Him.



Dr Andre Terblanche     Chairperson                             Doctor and Business Consultant

Mrs Carla Vosloo             Vice Chairperson                    Financial Manager

Mr Mark Rainier              Treasurer                                 Chairperson of Rotary Club Bela Bela

Mrs Adele Ras                  Secretary                                  Administration and Marketing Ass.

Mrs Eva Adams                Member                                   Primary School Teacher

Mrs Maria Sebolao          Member                                   Sister at local Hospital

Mrs Melenie Nel               Project Manager                    Head of Administration & Projects

Mrs Ilse De Beer              Social Worker                          Head of Social Services

Mrs Surene Viljoen          Operational Manager            Head of Operations