General Information


The fact that we operate in such a close-knit environment and in conjunction with similar institutions and community members contributes to our achievements and success.  Because we are so blessed we are able to assist new and upcoming organizations.  We have assisted Bosele Dawn Drop in Centre by training them in Pastel Bookkeeping.  We also share our food donations with Home Talje, Bosele and  the Crèche if we receive more than we can use.

We are grateful to our management committee and personnel for their dedication and encouragement.  We are extremely indebted to our generous donors for their continued support.  We praise our Heavenly Farther for his blessings.


Aims & Objectives

Our main aim over the years was to create a safe haven for the children placed with us, as well as a secure and loving environment where all their needs could be addressed.  Our dream is that every child that leaves Home Tekna is a well balanced individual that will contribute to their society and community and not be a burden.


The Home

The enlargement of the baby room has been completed which enables us to accommodate 16 babies at a time.  We still need to upgrade the playgrounds to improve physical development and stimulation that is vital to all children.  New playground equipment will cost us an estimated R 40 000.00.



We have not received our entire subsidy from the government for the new financial year and are battling to keep our head above water.  Marketing is an ongoing process.  Our special needs are included in the proposal.  Our staff salaries are one of our biggest needs.  As we all know, without staff we cannot run this project and regretfully very few donors are willing to fund staff salaries.  As we are the only organization in the area that take babies from birth up to 3 years we are inundated with babies.  The following fund raising projects were successfully executed:

  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Concert with Adam Tas
  • Selling cold drinks at a local festival



  • Only 45% of the subsidy we receive may be allocated towards salaries which covers only 50% of the monthly costs.
  • Living costs rise as a result of unstable economic situations but the subsidy amount stays the same
  • Fundraising Projects are not being supported as well as in the past


  • The children’s academic results increases from arrival at Home Tekna through attention to homework, learning them responsibility and therapy sessions.
  • Health increases dramatically especially HIV positive children.
  • There is a positive change in children’s attitudes as result of group work (respect, self-respect, honesty, communication, love, obeying, discipline etc.) and individual attention.
  • We recently heard from a brother and sister who were placed at Home Tekna years ago, the boy just completed his final year of studies to becoming a teacher and the girl completed Grade 12 with a “B” average!