Management & Staff


We are extremely fortunate to have our staff whom is loyal and particularly dedicated to our children.  The majority have been in our employ for many years, with some of the staff having been here since the home was established.  Our social worker / therapist regularly go to workshops to get updates on the latest information on child abuse and handling of traumatized children.  She then does regular in-house training with the staff and teaches them how to manage traumatized children in a positive manner.  The following training was done with staff:

  • Children’s reaction on loss and grief
  • Discipline of crèche aged children
  • Behaviour Management according to Children’s Act
  • Reporting Responsibilities
  • Hand, Eye Coordination for babies and toddlers
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Speech Development Activities
  • Massage Techniques for Babies and Toddlers
  • Debriefing after Trauma and Death

Management Committee Members

Dr Andre Terblanche               

Mrs Maria Sebolao          

Vice Chairperson
Mrs Carla Vosloo            

Mrs Eva Adams                

Mr Mark Rainier   

Project Manager
Mrs Melenie Nel            

Operational Manager
Mrs Surene Viljoen

Social Worker
Mrs Ilse De Beer

Mrs Adele Ras

Get in touch with us

Melenie Nel
Project Manager
+27 82 563 7439
Tel : +27 14 736 3153
Fax : +27 866697601


Ilse de Beer
Social Worker
+27 83 235 4436
Tel : +27 14 736 3487
Fax : +27 864616866
Suréne Viljoen
Operations Manager
+27 79 323 4908
Tel : +27 14 736 4499
Fax : +27 864616867