The Children

We strive to create a positive environment for our children and that is why we provide individual support, attention and stimulation programmes to each child to make sure they develop into well balanced individuals.  When a child is placed at Home Tekna they are sent for assessments to an Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist as well as Medical examinations.  In accordance with the Therapy Report a complete care plan is then put together that involves different goals and activities.

Relationship Building:

Attachment activities are done with children who have difficulty in bonding with others.

Academical / Development Activities:

Children are placed in Crèche or School and their progress are monitored closely.  Assistance is given to school going children with homework and projects.  Each child also receives individual stimulation for further development.  The following programmes were done with the children:

  • Memory development regarding schoolwork
  • Listening skills

Emotional Development:

Group and individual therapy are given to stimulate emotional growth, self image, self discipline, building of character, life skills, relationships, communication skills and social skills.  The following programmes were done:

  • Protective Behaviour Programme
  • Self Image
  • Physical Development
  • Self Control
  • Respect, self-respect, listening, honesty, responcibility etc.

Spiritual Development:

We have daily Bible reading, singing and conversations regarding spiritual topics.  Children also visit Church on a regular basis.


Medical Care:

Children are sent for age appropriate vaccinations.  Eye-, ear-, and dentist examinations are done yearly.  Children with chronic illnesses receive their medication as prescribed and this is monitored very closely.


Trauma Counselling:

Individual trauma therapy is given to each child according to their age.  In the case of sexual abuse the child is also send for specialised treatment and counselling.  The following program is done yearly:

  • Debriefing after trauma and death
  • Children’s Rights according to the Children’s Act
  • My Body is my Body